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From small residential blocks up to large corporate & commercial offices


We are the North East’s top window cleaning specialist cleaning company. Convey Bros core business is centred on our Commercial and Industrial cleaning operations. With 40 full time trained and experienced window cleaners operating throughout the North-East, we are able to ensure a professional and high quality cleaning service.

Our window cleaning teams use the latest technology and are strategically positioned to enable our service to be delivered swiftly and effectively wherever your premises are situated.

Within the rural Northumberland and Hexham regions, we currently have three window cleaning teams providing our window cleaning service, with five teams servicing the more industrial regions of Newcastle, Gateshead and Sunderland.

To ensure full coverage of Durham and Teesside, we have four teams situated within Middlesbrough and Hartlepool regions. This geographically spread workforce ensures we deliver to you, a first class window cleaning service, while eliminating unnecessary travel, reducing fuel consumption and protecting the environment.

As the regions No 1 window cleaning contractor we guarantee to provide you with a cost effective window cleaning solution which fully meets your window cleaning requirements. We are able to carry out high access cleaning to our customers across the North East.

Our experience and expertise enables us to provide a large range of access methods and window cleaning techniques, for the maintenance window cleaning of your Commercial or Industrial premises

MEWPS –  (IPAF 1b, 3a, 3b) Our window cleaners are IPAF certificate holders for MEWPS operation. We have at our disposal a wide range of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms, Ranging from Scissor lifts and Mobile Booms to Static Booms and Truck Mounted MEWPS. External working MEWPS and those with non-marking wheels/tracks for internal working. Whatever your requirements we will have a machine available to suite your specific needs.

Cradle Access – Our operators are trained to safely operate all types of cradles, with our knowledge extending to most types of cradle systems. Our experience covers external or internal, manual or electrically driven, one man or two men cradles, temporary or permanently installed units. As many cradles are unique to a specific building, our operatives undergo site specific induction training prior to any work commencing for the safe use of the installed cradle.

Man-Safe Systems – Convey Bros employees are trained in the safe use of Man-Safe systems that provide the total solution for all horizontal safety at height industrial applications.

The system’s versatility and ease of use makes it ideal for protecting workers as they go about day-today activities such as window cleaning while working upon flat roof areas or areas containing fragile surfaces.

Boss 850/1450 Scaffold Towers –  (PASMA) – Our operatives hold PASMA certificates for the safe erection, use and dismantling of Boss 850/1450 scaffold towers. Boss towers are ideal access on level ground for cleaning the underside of canopies, high level internal windows or access to ducting/steelwork.

Extension Pole – For display windows or plate glass facades, with applicators & squeegees attached.  Extension poles are an excellent method of accessing and cleaning large areas of glass from ground level, especially on internal surfaces, where the water-fed pole might not be suitable. With a PFK20 Window cleaning kit attached we are able to clean internal windows/partition glass in difficult to reach areas or where the use of excessive water needs to be prevented.  Such as staircase windows, handrail glass, windows with desks/computers in front, Velux windows, or windows containing bars/grills.

Extension Ladder – Although ladder use for accessing internal and external windows is considered to be a last resort, when choosing a safe access method. There are still occasions, where the design of some windows and their location, means ladder use is the best means of access. With this in mind our window cleaners undergo an extensive training program via transferable skills for the safe use of extension ladders.

What our customers say

"Gents - all credit to you, thanks for the reaction and especially thanks to the guys who tackled the job, I was down there today and I agree with the site rep/customer - it’s a cracking job and what a difference it makes.”

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