Bird Spikes

installing bird spikes is an effective way of preventing birds from landing and roosting on your building


They are used to prevent large birds such as pigeons, gulls and crows from landing on flat or curved surfaces. Bird spikes do not harm birds, they simply create an uneven surface that birds cannot land on. Installing bird spikes is an effective, humane and economic solution for preventing birds from landing or roosting on surfaces of your building. Bird spikes are ideal for: Parapet walls; Ledges; Signs; I-beams; Roof-lines; Eaves; Light posts.

When large birds perch and roost, they can creates all sorts of maintenance, clean up and repair problems for property owners. Bird droppings can quickly deface and permanently damage signs, canopies, windows and doors. Birds also pose a health hazard. Bird droppings can carry diseases, while bird nesting debris can block vents, and prevent air conditioning units from functioning properly.

Have the selected type/design of Bird Spike installed to your property, to prevent further large bird problems.

Wherever pigeons and birds are roosting, Bird Spikes are harmless to birds, they are environmentally friendly, virtually invisible, and are a long-lasting bird deterrent.

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"Gents - all credit to you, thanks for the reaction and especially thanks to the guys who tackled the job, I was down there today and I agree with the site rep/customer - it’s a cracking job and what a difference it makes.”

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