Reach & Wash

Reach and wash systems allow us to carry out window cleaning from ground level


Convey Bros are committed to protecting the safety of our employees and where possible, carry out window cleaning activities from ground level using one of our vehicles reach and wash systems and water-fed poles.

We have a water treatment plant which produces 10,000 litres of environmentally-friendly, de-ionised water to 0.1us/cm purity on a daily basis. The de-ionised water is then transferred to our fleet of vehicles to be used onsite.

In its pre-treated form, water is in fact much more than just H20 as it contains many other chemicals and minerals. When water is processed through our water treatment plant all chemical and mineral content is filtered out to produce water that is nearly 100% pure. Pure water has a strong desire to return to its former impure state, when applied to any surface pure water rapidly imports all impurities it comes across. If sufficient pure water is applied, all impurities can be flushed away and the remaining mineral free water will dry leaving a clean, sterile and spot free finish.

The reach and wash system is made up of telescopic water-fed poles with various attachments. A dedicated pump is used to deliver the de-ionised water through the water-fed poles to enable safe cleaning of the glass.

The de-ionised water carried on-board effectively absorbs dirt to clean windows, frames, cladding and signage without the need to use cleaning chemicals or detergents. We are able to effectively clean windows up to 50ft high without using access equipment.

The benefits of using de-ionised water include:

  • No detergent residue means that windows do not get dirty so quickly – windows stay clean longer. De-ionised water is kind to the environment.
  • Water-fed pole technology is HSE recommended as it reduces the need to work at height.
  • The poles reach previously inaccessible windows in complete safety.
  • The system eliminates in most cases the need for heavy and expensive access equipment.
  • The poles easily reach windows above sensitive ground areas such as lawns and flower beds without causing damage.
  • The reach & wash system reduced disturbance to building occupants.

What our customers say

"Gents - all credit to you, thanks for the reaction and especially thanks to the guys who tackled the job, I was down there today and I agree with the site rep/customer - it’s a cracking job and what a difference it makes.”

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