Abseiling Window Cleaning

A complete service for commercial buildings, offices, high rise flats and developments


At Convey Bros we can always assure a high quality service with our IRATA trained rope access technicians (abseilers) we guarantee :

  • A complete high level window cleaning service for commercial buildings, offices, high rise flats and developments
  • Professional abseiling teams always available
  • One-off cleans as part of refurbishment; regular window cleaning services

Abseil cleaning is ideal for:

  • Domed glass roofs
  • Buildings on which cradle pulleys cannot be attached
  • Tall buildings with no level grounding suitable for cherry pickers
  • Heights which exceed those viable for water fed poles

When it comes to commercial window cleaning, with restricted or difficult access, abseil is a tried-and-tested method for achieving professional results. Descending the façade of your building via industrial strength ropes, our experienced technicians are granted maximum flexibility to clean even the most awkward of buildings.

Why choose abseil techniques for your building?

  • With abseil cleaning, there are no height limitations.
  • The access techniques cause minimal disruption.
  • The process is Ideal for awkward access situations.
  • It is a safe method to clean hard to reach windows.

Abseil cleaning can be used on a variety of commercial buildings and is a flexible alternative to other cleaning methods.

Abseil window cleaning is a safe and discrete means of access with regards to both internal and external cleaning of glass.  All windows and frames can be reached and regularly cleaned of pollutions which quickly build up.

A dirty exterior of a building can give the impression of a poorly kept property which is both undesirable to both tenants and commercial offices.

Regular abseil window cleaning will allow a property to be constantly inspected for defects which could, if left untreated lead to expensive repair costs due to water ingress.

What our customers say

"Gents - all credit to you, thanks for the reaction and especially thanks to the guys who tackled the job, I was down there today and I agree with the site rep/customer - it’s a cracking job and what a difference it makes.”

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